Strong Foundations Counseling, LLC was established to help individuals, couples and families improve the quality of their lives and promote positive change in relationships. As professional therapists, we draw from a variety of psychological approaches, while honoring the Christian faith and recognizing that people and relationships can heal.

We are committed to providing a safe, supportive and encouraging environment to clients. We work with clients to assess their individual needs, and together with the client, establish personalized goals for therapy. We believe there is hope to improve the quality of mental health in people’s lives, as well as the quality of their marriages and families. We want to come along side you as you walk out this process of healing in your life and in your relationships.

We practice from a belief system that acknowledges a loving and gracious God, who has created us all for a relationship with Him and relationships with others. It takes courage to ask for help when struggles in life become difficult, but it is important to remember that we were not designed to handle them alone.